Star Wars Darkness Falls

Morning at Oolong Station

Something wicked this way comes

Jes-Ka gave one last good hard kick with her leg and the lump of snoring flesh known as Rigger rolled out of the door of the Pure Bliss. She squinted through the window at the rising sun, it’s dim twin lagging it by an hour. It had been a rough night and she was ready for it to be over.

Turning back inside, she locked the main doors and went to lift the last chairs up on the tables. She froze. A figure in black robes was standing by the bar. The room had been empty a moment before.

“I… am thirsty,” stated the figure before his gloved hands drew back his deep cowl to reveal a handsome human face.

“Uh, we’re shut until noon. I’m not sure how you…”

“Bring me wine.”

As Jes-Ka was pouring the wine into the finest cup they had before she realized that she was doing it. She shuddered as the stranger’s fingers spread as if letting go of an invisible object. The wine splashed a little and she put the bottle down on the bar. She felt disturbed that she couldn’t remember deciding to serve this man but she relaxed as the fear and confusion fluttered away from her mind.

“Could you tell me where to find the Harvester called Toole?” he asked politely as he sipped the wine. Jes-Ka immediately thought of the strange Devonian who lived out in the swamps but would stop from time to time at the Bliss when he had enough spices to trade. She’d not seen him for a few weeks.

The man’s eyes narrowed and then relaxed.

“Nope,” replied Jes-Ka truthfully.

He smiled and placed the mostly full cup back on the bar. Without another word, he drew the deep cowl over his head and walked to the exit. The locked doors were open for him as he left the bar.

Jes-Ka gasped as if there had been an immense pressure in the room making her hold her breath. After a few moments, she wondered why she’d gotten out wine and why the front door was open again. Rubbing her hip where her injury hadn’t fully healed yet, she put the wine away and got to closing up the bar. It was already late she’d only have a few hours to sleep before her uncle woke her to work the room again.



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