Aarlia Gottsdotter

Sexy Twi'lek female adept at flying or fixing just about anything


Race: Twi’lek
Agility: d8
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d6
Vigor: d4

Cha: 2
Parry: 5
Toughness: 4


  • Pilot d8
  • Shoot d8
  • Repair d8
  • Notice d8
  • Drive d4
  • Survival d4
  • Streetwise d6
  • Fighting d6


  • Charismatic
  • Danger Sense
  • McGyver


  • Overconfident (Major)
  • Stubborn (Minor)
  • Wanted (minor)

    Gear: (starting cash 3,000)

  • Blaster 500
  • Utility belt 500
  • Tool Kit 250
  • Flight Suit 1000 (very Hollywood red leather look, just for Keia)

Base concept: Pilot capable of repairing her own equipment, brash, young, willful, has crossed enough people to be a minor annoyance to someone. Capable of handling herself in a fight but not a ‘fighter’

History: Aarlia was not born on Ryloth but on the crime-ridden industrial planet of Yarro. Her father, Tarko, moved off planet when he was young due to some shady dealings. After a few years of bumming around the galaxy, he fell into owning a used shipyard. (Aarila never knew how he came by owning the place and never cared enough to ask) Once settled into his new career he began to acquire his many wives. All the women who would come to live with him were desperate in some way. Several where part of the price one of his used pieces of junk, while others were attracted to the, not too bad looking, twilek who was making money on this shipyard.

Aarlia’s mother was one of two twilek females, both of whom were part of ship deals. Both women claimed her as their own, but Aarlia really didn’t care which one it was because neither of the females were at all interested in her. Because of the arrangement of the family, Aarlia was one of many siblings (never sure how many were real fulll sibs) and half siblings (several different races). All the children were expected to work in the shipyard. Young ones started by picking through old parts and sorting them by use. The older ones learned, by trial and error, a skill that would be useful. At a young age, Aarlia found she had a propensity towards mechanics. This made her a valuable member of the shipyard and worthy of her father’s attention. For several years, he kept her close and had her trained by some of the local mechanics and pilots.

Because of her new position, she had time to talk with her trainers and those buying the ships about the wider galaxy. Aarlia hated this rock and as she grew older tried to figure out how she was going to get off. Sneaking money out of the till, she prepared to leave. She knew her father would never let such a valuable (and free) worker out of his hands. It took awhile of quiet asking to find one of the newly bought ships who was in need of a mechanic. They took her with them when they left. She stayed with this crew for several months before moving on to the Fat Goose as their pilot. Now she knew this to have been a bad choice. Things are not what she had expected but life is an adventure…

Recent History: The last ship Aarlia had served on (as pilot) was the Fat Goose, a Correlian freighter owned by Sogget Mosk (some ugly alien race). She’d put up with his flirtations for the two months she’d worked for him, but he took it too far after they landed at Oolong Station, threatening to leave her in the swampy hellhole if she didn’t please him in his cabin. She can still recall with a smile his face as he grabbed for his smashed reproductive organs (courtesy of her boot) and winced as she remembered the beating the other crew gave her before tossing her out on the landing field and lifting off without her. They’d taken her stuff and her money with them, leaving her to fend for herself. Refusing to consider prostitution (which everyone seemed to assume of her) she eventually caught on with Theander, Katra, Poul, and Warik for spice expeditions. Warik had convinced the others to take her on since they’d just bought a swamp speeder and might need someone who could drive it well and keep it repaired.

The swamp speeder turned out to be a pile of junk that her best efforts couldn’t keep moving. When last she saw it, it was sliding slowly into a boggy grave. So she’s still out an money and stuck with a few clothes and fewer possessions. She is rooming at the Perimont with the promise of paying later, a trick most people couldn’t pull off, but a sexy Twi’lek willing to tittilate the Rodian owner (Nomax) got special treatment. Still, that wouldn’t work forever.

Aarlia Gottsdotter

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