Durindal s’Tarren
Race: Human (2sp, edge)

Agility: d10
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d10
Strength: d4
Vigor: d4

Cha: 0
Parry: 8 (12 with lightsaber)
Toughness: 4


  • Force (Spirit): d10
  • Notice (Smarts): d8
  • Shoot (Agility): d10
  • Fight (Agility): d10
  • Heal (Smarts): d4
  • Pilot (Agility): d4
  • Investigate (Smarts): d6
  • Repair (Smarts): d4
  • Know: Jedi(Smarts): d6
  • Know: Backwtr(Smarts): d4


  • Jedi (Apprentice Level Force User)
    |- Arcane Background (Force) [provided by Jedi]
    |- Lightsaber Defense [provided by Jedi]
    |- Connections (Jedi Order) [provided by Jedi]
  • Jedi Knight(Knight Level Force User)
    |- 5 additional power points [provided by Jedi Knight]
    |- Expert Lightsaber Defense [provided by Jedi Knight]
  • Ambidextrous


  • Heroic, Major

    Force Abilities: (10 FP)
    Increase ability


    Heal Self

    Heal Another


  • Lightsaber (purple blade) [provided by Jedi]
  • Jedi Robes (not worn) [provided by Jedi]
  • All Temperature Cloak (100 cr)
  • Longsword (300 cr)
  • Blaster Pistol (500 cr)
  • Miscellaneous Gear – to be detailed (80 cr)

    Credits: 20 cr


  • 15xp – Character Creation
  • 20xp – Turn 16 – Sith/Senthai Battle
  • 25xp – Turn xx – Rescue of Tarren
  • 45xp – Turn E2-11 – Darkness Falls

Advance Usage: 44 xp

  • Agility from d8 to d10
  • Additional Power (Empathy) – 2xp with mentor and order
  • Raise Fighting and Shooting from d6/d8 to d8/d10
  • First Strike
  • Spirit from d8 to d10
  • Jedi Knight
  • Force Skill from d8 to d10 / Fight d8 to d10
  • Investigate d4 to d6 / Knowledge: Jedi d4 to d6
  • Block (increase parry +1)
  • Additional Power (Parry) – 2xp with mentor and order

Background: Durindal grew up on a medieval backwater planet that never heard of the Sith . . . the Jedi . . . or even the Force. Durindal had enough to worry about without all of those . . . other things. Durindal was raised by his father (his mother he had never known – he was told she was dead). When he was nine, Durindal killed someone in a barroom fight. At least it sounds more important when it is told that way. Durindal was in a tavern with his father, which was a common occurrence. His father was deep in his cups drinking away the profits of the day when a fight erupted in the tavern.

Durindal was never certain what caused the fight – he had been concentrating on moving the mug the old man was drinking from with his mind. His father joined in and took a nasty blow, Durindal reacted and joined in catching the man who hit is father in the back of the legs. The man fell, cracked his head open for all to see on the corner of an oaken table, and was dead before the local healer or cleric could even head to the tavern. That would have been the end of the story . . . had the man not been a nobleman’s son. There were no shortage of witnesses, the bar was full that night.

Durindal’s father was jailed and executed before the man even had a chance to sober up. Durindal was sent to the Hall, a place where trouble children were placed to either make something of themselves . . . or disappear. The boys in the Hall (sorry – just had to do that) were worked hard, disciplined, and trained. Durindal excelled with the new attention and training, revealing a surprising amount of aptitude and ability with a blade.

Enough so that one day a visitor took notice and paid a prince’s ransom to take Durindal away. The visitor was heavily cloaked and her face was hidden beneath a deep cowl. When the pair had left the sight of the Hall, the visitor . . . who now apparently owned Durindal (now 12 years old) . . . introduced herself. Her name was Tarren, and she was a Twi-lek . . . and a Jedi. She frequently stopped at this small planet to look for those with . . . talent . . . and Durindal was definitely one with talent.

Within weeks, everything that Durindal thought he knew was cast in ashes. There were not only other worlds . . . but other systems, galaxies even. Durindal trained with Tarren for 7 years, taking the name Durindal S’Tarren for his own. Tarren taught him the ways of the weapon master . . . the ways of the Jedi.

Durindal is athletic, dexterous, and much more intelligent that most give him credit for. He’s used to being on his own . . . he has been for a while, since Tarren left looking for more Jedi to recruit. He fights a struggle against the impulse to fight first . . . understanding takes time and Durindal has a bit of a problem with living in the moment.

Recent History: Well, being used to being on one’s own and accomplishing anything alone are two different stories for Durindal. Tarren had suggested that he travel to XxX world and ‘stay out of trouble’, but if he was interested he might investigate the XxX city because . . . something ‘less savory’ was going on there. Durindal agreed and traveled to XxX. Once there he knew something was ‘up’ but he couldn’t determine what was going on or who was responsible. It wasn’t that he wasn’t intelligent, or capable – he was. He just didn’t deal well at all with investigating . . . or people.

Mercifully, after plodding around in XxX, a human woman by the name of Tate took pity on him and offered to help. She never explained why she was helping, but it was quickly apparent that the pair were a rather good team. Tate was . . . skilled there was no question about that. Durindal was okay in a fight, was learning a bit about how things were done, and was rather helpful after the fight with healing and jedi tricks . . . or at least that’s what Tate said.

It was weeks before the pair determined much of what was going on there . . . smuggling, drugs, . . . and slavery. The crimes were subtle, difficult to track, and surprising that the activities reached so far into the hierarchy of the area . . . at least it was to Durindal. Tate had an hard dislike to the slavery aspects – Durindal’s friendship with her seemed to improve on his fierce action against the slavers and his help in freeing many of the slaves. From something to look into to almost a year in setting everything right . . . though Durindal was uncertain even after all that time that he wasn’t missing something . . . .


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