Warik d'Chiss


Warik d’Chiss

Race: Chiss (+2sp, low light vision)

Agility: d8
Smarts: d4
Spirit: d8
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6

Cha: 0
Parry: 5 +2 = 7
Toughness: 5 +2 armor = 7


  • Force: d8
  • Shoot: d10
  • Throw: d6
  • Fight: d8
  • Notice: d8
  • Survival: d6
  • Stealth: d4
  • Streetwise: d4 (knows ‘theives sign’)
  • Drive: d4


  • Arcane Background (Force)
  • First Strike
  • Quick Draw
  • Jedi Apprentice
  • Connections – Jedi Order
  • Light Saber Defense (+2 Parry, Block/Redirect)


  • Outsider, Minor (Racial)
  • Quirk, Minor (plays w/knife/stares)
  • Heroic (Major)

    Force Abilities: (10 FP) (Jedi/Durendal)

  • Control
    • Endurance
    • Increase Ability
  • Sense
    • Increase Sense
  • Alter
    • Move Object
  • Control/Sense
    • Heal Self

      Gear: (845cr left)

  • Heavy blaster pistol 2d8 15/30/60 ROF 1 750 (scope adds 100) Adds +2 Notice when used
  • Light Saber (blue) Str+2d8
  • Vibro Knife Str+2d4 3/7/10 240
  • Black pants, shirt, Field Jacket
  • Blast Helmet and Vest AR2 500
  • Utility Belt (with Hip Holster) 500
  • 2 extra energy cells 20

15xp – Character Creation
20xp – Turn 16 – Sith/Senthai Battle
40xp – Interlude

20xp – Shooting increased to d10
25xp – Light Saber Defense
40xp – Jedi Apprentice, FP, Stats, Force Abilities


Warik d’Chiss (Chiss Male). Most likley a pure warrior but am toying with the idea of force sensitivity for future development.

A young but self styled warrior in search of glory Warik left his homeworld to become a shining example of the warrior ethos and return covered in glory as a herioc figure. Then, about a month off world, he ran out of money and discovered that youthful ideals do not fill ones belly. He also discovered that much of the galaxy has its own ideas of what being saved means. He became a soldier out of the simple need to survive. After various private military jobs he ended up contracted as a guard on one of those large hauler jobs that promised a fast score on Myposia. Warik ended up being the only survivor of that epidition when he was sent to town to get some extra supplies. The rest of the crew were killed in a gas pocket explosion. Since then Warik has been doing odd jobs in hopes of getting off world. Though more jaded now he is still young and still holds his desire for glory and fame (even if he keeps it hidden most of the time)

Recent History

So Warik made his way to Myposia by chance and has been trying to earn enough credits for passage back off the planet and to one more in alignment with his goals (which are?). That’s why he was on a spice expedition. It was the second one with Poul and the others. The first had been successful with enough profit to purchase the swamp speeder and gear up for a bigger trip back to the same area they’d been lucky in before. Theander had spent the money before telling the others, leaving them stuck with a second expedition in order to clear any profit at all.

Warik d'Chiss

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