Star Wars Darkness Falls

01C - One Man's Trash

Time: Evening, 20 Days after the Third Moonrise, “Summer”
Place: The Cradle flophouse, Oolong Station, Myposia
Characters: Durindal s’Tarren, Maya Jhenil (Togruta female)

“Hey!” barked Maya Jhenil as she pushed Durindal in his slung hammock. It swung into the wall only inches away, cracking Durindal’s head with a sharp pain and waking him up instantly. He snapped his head around to see the flophouse madame standing there in her robes.

“You want sleep here again free? Get rid of the trash,” she said more quietly, pointing a long finger at two beings snoring near the door of the flop room. Outside, it was rainy hot and heavy, blurring the fading light. Looking at the offending customers, Durindal saw one was the Rodian from the night before at the bar, aptly named the Oolong Bar. Belligerent cuss and a bad cheat at cards. His companion was a Trandoshan mercenary… what was his name… Thog! Thog and d’Jarra. It was all coming back to Durindal now.

01a If Mother Could See Me Now

Time: Morning, 20 Days after the Third Moonrise, “Summer”
Place: Myposian swamp paths heading back to Oolong Station
Characters: Warik d’Chiss, Aarlia Gottsdotter (Twilek), Theander, Katra, and Poul (spice harvesters)

Warik‘s bones ached but they couldn’t be heard over the din of his muscles complaints. Fifty-six hours march and combat without respite. They’d lost their gear to the swamp because of Poul’s lack of caution and you didn’t set camp in the Myposian swamps unprepared.

He’d stopped pulling off the leeches or swatting at the insects who seemed determined to taste his blue skin as a delicacy they couldn’t get enough of. Not enough energy for such vanity. His blaster pistol rode in its holster, useless as he’d spent all its charges fighting off the raids of Myposian devils.

01b Flying Coffins

Time: Morning, 20 Days after the Third Moonrise, “Summer”
Place: Kuugila Machine Parts, Oolong Station, Myposia
Characters: R2-Z3, Hamish Kuugila

Hamish swirled the still liquor in the former lubricant can he was using for a cup and stared out into the rain. Rain was nothing new on Myposia. In fact, it rained more than 2/3 of the year. In the winter tilt of the axis, the rain could be cooling or even cold but in the dogs of summer like this? It was like standing under someone else’s sweat.

Great puddles were forming on the landing field, refusing to conform to the half-assed drainage system. It was supposed to be morning or at least that’s what his droid told him. And that ship was still just sitting there.

Morning at Oolong Station
Something wicked this way comes

Jes-Ka gave one last good hard kick with her leg and the lump of snoring flesh known as Rigger rolled out of the door of the Pure Bliss. She squinted through the window at the rising sun, it’s dim twin lagging it by an hour. It had been a rough night and she was ready for it to be over.

Turning back inside, she locked the main doors and went to lift the last chairs up on the tables. She froze. A figure in black robes was standing by the bar. The room had been empty a moment before.


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