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Myposia – Spice, Ghareet Cluster, outside Republic. Oolong Station is one of a dozen outposts on the planet with a small starport and support for a community of spice harvesters.

Myrolthar – Trade nexus/entertainment ‘scene’, cities, high population, Ghareet Cluster, outside Republic. Site of an inconclusive battle between Tarren and Durendal vs. Gormaak the Sith warrior.

Dag Kes – low grade armaments manufacturing, low population, outside of the Republic.

Watja – Art and organic materials resources, outside of the Republic.

Mudor – Low manufactured goods, Republic World.

Banamatwan – Resort for high level military, Republic World.

Adfedkar III – Raw food export for Protein Paste, high population, outside of the Republic.

Darzalakar – Raw materials (metals, gemstones), outside of the Republic.

Vergal – Settlements, no major import or export, outside of the Republic.

Camkess – Toxic Atmosphere, uninhabited, outside of the Republic.

Ord Masrisel – remote jungle planet, uninhabited, outside of the Republic.

Jharssun – Manufacturing, moderate population, Republic World.

Tro Bangho – Light agriculture/trade, Ghareet Cluster, outside Republic.


Gormaak – Sith Warrior

Thog – Trandoshan Mercenary

ScarperOolong Station Thug, killed

GraniteOolong Station Thug, knocked out in fight supporting Sith.

Nomax – Rodian owner/Chef at Perimont, Oolong Station

Hamish Kuugila – Owner of a machine parts shop at Oolong Station

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