Oolong Station

Situated in the heart of the Myposian Swamps, Oolong Station is a way post for spice harvesters, drifters, criminals, and that special demented part of the sentient world: the colonists. The Station maintains three landing pad and enough of a machine shop and fuel depot to supply the freighters that come irregularly to the planet. There are bars and brothels, shops and traders, houses and communes all clustered on a rare piece of higher ground, surrounded by the swamps.

The Swamps have pockets of toxic gases that make traversing them in search of the spice plants treacherous. Windstorms can blow the toxic fumes across Oolong Station requiring it to seal up from time to time and ride out the storms. There are a wide variety of indigenous creatures including the lethal Myposian Serpent which can grow to a hundred feet long in rare cases.

In general, only the wealth of the spice would draw people to such an inhospitable end of the Galaxy. One heavy haul could make a harvester rich beyond their dreams, able to buy a ship to take them to Coruscant and live in style for the rest of their days. In nearby parts of the Galaxy, “Myposian Rich” indicates tremendous wealth. Such hauls are rare however. Most harvesters either survive with little to show for a journey into the swamps or die with their pockets full of the precious buds. A very few come into Oolong Station regularly with small hauls, their skin banded with countless scars and weathered by the Myposian air. They either waste their small riches on drink, gambling, feasts, and whores, or they quietly secure it, saving up for something truly impressive.

Myposia is a planet in the Ghareet Cluster, fourteen sparsely populated worlds just outside the territory of the Republic. There is only the Cluster Protectorate to act as a sort of government and Protectors act as sheriffs on each planet, pledged to serve out a loose form of justice. There are also the Quintaal Temples, houses of worship for the colonists but tied into a network across the Cluster and with priests who serve the needs of the faithful and other agendas.

Perimont Nomax Vosh

So Oolong Station has about fifty buildings of which one is a bar (Pure Bliss) and three qualify as “places to stay” (The Cradle = a flophouse, The Perimont = 2 story ‘hotel’ with private rooms/common dining, and the Launching Pad as top of the line quality accomodations). There are only three landing pads and a cluster of support services (including Hamish’ shop), fuel depot, etc. The main industry is spice harvesting out in the toxic swamps so the buildings are usually houses for rich/poor/destitute harvesters. There is the Medicine House as a rudimentary medical center but mostly it takes in people who inhaled the toxic swamp gas and are going to die. There are the Brokers: those who buy the spice from the harvesters and sell it for big profits to the traders who land from time to time.

Long story short, there are a few places to check for someone if you were so inclined. There is no computer network, security, cameras, etc. Truly a frontier outpost outside of the space of the civilized Republic.

Oolong Station

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