SWDF Remote Session Tools


Below are the key tools for the remote sessions:

Remote Tabletop Software

  • Maptools – There are some tutorials, but for players it pretty much drag your token around
  • Link to launch the software
  • When you get in the software, under File select “Connect to Server”
  • Campaign Name: Olde Skoole
  • Password: tpk

Voice – Tentative

  • Link to Ventrillo software — download a client for your system
  • Upper left hand side are three items – username, server, and bindings
    • Username – Whatever you want
    • Server: Click the → button, give it a name, then fill out the information
      • Hostname: ventrilo6.va.powervs.com
      • Port: 5025
      • Password: noxvent
    • Bindings – I’ve never done anything with that – so leave alone
  • Save and hit Connect button on the right
  • Double-click on the Savage channel. The other channels are for the WOW gamers (Thanks for Robb Muller and his guild for letting us use their vent)
  • Hit the Setup button – you can change the push to talk button if you want. At that point, just hold down the button when you want to speak!

SWDF Remote Session Tools

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